Friday, April 14, 2017

Super Sales Shopping - 100D4100G Style!

When you think about sales, what do you think of?

Well, for me, I think of a great OCC shopping spree! For example, exactly two weeks after Valentine's Day this year, my mom and I went on a super sales shopping spree - 100Dolls4100Girls style!
It was fantabulous.
We hit around six or eight Dollar Generals (all within a twenty/thirty minute radius!) and wiped out their Valentine's Day things on sale. Well, except for cards and chocolate. :D
One of the jackpot trips, we walked out of there with four HUGE, stuffed bags for only like, five bucks. It was great!

We got all sorts of stuff - and it was all super girly!

Craft kits, little boxes...

stuffed animals, jewelry, containers, stickers....

plastic bags (for soaps and other small things)...

school supplies such as pencils and pens...


Wanna take a guess as to how much each thing was? They had it marked 90% off, and then on some things, it ended up being 50% off that sale price.... so we got a lot of things for five cents each. Insane. But for example, these pretty pink and red rose necklaces - we got three in the package and the set was 10 cents.

A.m.a.z.i.n.g. I am SO thankful that God allowed us to be able to do this!

Lots and lots of craft sets for either 5 or 10 cents each...

pretty pink and hearts pencils!

At first we didn't think we were going to get these, but we ended up getting them for putting the soaps or stickers in. :)

A TON of stickers for just 10 cents! We can split them up into several different little plastic bags!

And there we have it, the huge haul we got for 100Dolls4100Girls!
Why am I telling you this two months (exactly) after Valentine's Day? Well, for three reasons. :)
1. Because I forgot to do it after Valentine's Day.
2. Because Easter is coming up.
3. So that you will go out and get stuff for OCC!
Easter sales are what I'm looking forward to a LOT - stuffed animals, baskets, etc.
If you have DGs in your area, go hit them! I suggest you wait about a week or two after Easter.....
I'm super excited about how 100D4100G is coming along! Today actually, I wasted an entire half hour trying to redesign the blog but I kinda ended up going back to the original. :)
~ Light4theLord


  1. Wow! Looks like the shopping trip was a HUGE success!! Awesome!

    I think the small new things to the design look great. :) The little icon on (whatever it's called- it's purple with a green heart) is ADORABLE.


    1. It WAS! It was a blast!
      Thanks! I wish I had originally just done that and not wasted my time on trying to redo it. Oh well. :) Thanks - I finally figured out how to do the favicon! :D
      ~ Light4theLord


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