Friday, February 24, 2017

100 Dolls 4 100 Girls Update

This is super exciting! It's February 24, not even halfway through the year, and we already have 22 dolls!
There are SEVERAL varieties and it is so neat how God is working in this project!
Here's a picture of several other dolls that are part of the special 100!

Other items that we have so far (you can see more in the inventory) are..

sewing kits, which my friend and I made (the same friend who helped with the soaps!) and they include:

thread, ribbon, safety pins, a needle, buttons

(side view)

These will go in the older girls' shoeboxes.

Our clothing supply is also growing, which is very exciting!

The older girls'...

The middle girls'...

The youngest girls'..

The fun and colorful washcloths will be so neat for the girls to have!
We have nearly half the amount of soap we need - 47 bars to be exact!

Here are the ones that were made several weeks ago, which you read about in the last post.
Thanks so much for reading and supporting!
We appreciate all the prayers and donations, and remember, if you have anything to donate, let me know through our contact page!
~ Light4theLord

Friday, February 17, 2017

An Adventure in Soap-making

❤❤❥❥❤❤❤❤❤First of all, I am so sorry for this blog being so un-updated (I guess that'd be outdated, right?). Even though this blog has been a bit inactive (okay, a lot) the project most certainly has NOT been! We've been working really hard and if you check out the inventory (it hasn't been updated since our last batch of stuff) page, you can see all the amazing things people have donated!
A couple weeks ago, my best friend came over and together we made soaps for the project!
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
First, we started with soap blocks, melted them down and added coloring, and then..
.. poured them into old muffin tins (believe me, this is NOT the color of most of them)..
And let them set.
We ended up making 36 soap bars! It was super fun and really exciting!

It was so cool to see these rows of soaps for the shoeboxes!

I think it's so cool that by next year, these soaps will have gone across the world! And believe it or not, we still have another batch to make (yes, a smaller one).

This was my very favorite one - the color is stunning!


A HUGE thanks to my amazing friend for all her help!
If you have anything for the project to donate, please contact me through the contact page! I'm still praying for teammates to join the team and for all the girls who are going to receive these!
I hope to post at least once a week, with an update for you guys!
~ Light4theLord

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Check out the Tabs!

Some confusion was caused by how I set this up and I apologize for anything that was a trouble!
I know there's only a few posts, but check out the tabs above to see how you can help, to find out more about the goal and the team, and to see our inventory!
Thanks for checking us out!
~ Light4theLord

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

What I Do with AG Catalogs

 Who knew you could do so much with a catalog!

 Inspired by my mother's creativity in wrapping Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes in pictures, especially from old catalogs, I fell in love cutting up my old catalogs and pasting them onto colorful shoeboxes to send across the world.

 First of all, let me assure you that I'm not one to part with catalogs - when I was younger, I'd sit forever just looking at them and making up stories about the dolls. Anyways, I chose some with beautiful, big photos in them and neatly cut out the pictures while my brother had his art lesson and I was waiting for mine.

 To make a plain box beautiful, I glued down pictures on the lids, sides, backs, bottoms, and insides of some pretty colored shoeboxes (that way whatever showed was still pretty!)! I covered them with packing tape to protect it (and got really annoyed when there were those little bubbles. I ended up getting some good practice in and the last few weren't so bad!), and voila!
 I love coming up with ways to use everyday items- or in my case catalogs - to help others!
 If this was the first present you had ever received, would you like it? Covered in bright photos, filled with new, useful gifts from a different country, and best of all... a letter (you thought I was going to say doll, didn't you?!) from a girl across the world who didn't even know who would get the shoebox she packed, yet she spent time and prayer over it, packing gifts for a girl she would probably never meet! Most of these kids who receive the shoeboxes NEVER have had a gift before in their lives.
I especially had fun getting the full page photos and gluing them down!

This is only one of the ways that I use the catalogs! Wanna know another way? Keep scrolling!
Dolls in a Tin
 Okay, so they're not really dolls in a tin, they're paper doll/ puppets on toothpicks with paper furniture and scenery!
Samantha and Addy, with a paper couch behind Samantha. I added some colorful yarn, paper, and fleece inside the Altoid tin covered in white contact paper.

I spent several hours carefully cutting these out, taping them onto toothpicks, covering the tins just right, and choosing furniture from the catalog that was the perfect size!

I liked this, with Addy in front of the gazebo!
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * **  * * * *
This is a huge passion I have! I can't wait to share with you more of the things that I do for this project - until next time!

Friday, October 14, 2016

Welcome to 100 Dolls 4 100 Girls!

This project was launched on December 1, 2016, and will last until November 1, 2017. Who knows, maybe we'll try for 200 Dolls for 200 Girls next time! Make sure to check out our pages, and contact us for more information or suggestions!