About the Team

This wonderful team that God had given us has worked together to pray, gather items, wrap boxes, create all sorts of fun things to put in the shoeboxes, collected shoeboxes, and more! Here you can learn a bit about them, and why and how they joined this group of girls focused on spreading joy, hope, and God's love.

God first gave me this idea sometime in October of 2016, I believe. I had asked Him if I could do something.. bigger than what I was. I know that I had to be faithful in little things, but I asked if I could just try at something big. I had lots of things that I loved doing: photography, dolls, packing shoeboxes, writing, blogging, designing stuff.. but I didn't know how to use it until my mother asked me and my siblings to each wrap some shoeboxes. She had used an old American Girl catalog that was in the 'cut-up' pile and cut out some pictures to glue on a shoebox. I somewhat copied her idea and it exploded. I realized how much I could do with an AG catalog (while I was writing an article for a magazine about things that you could make with a catalog)- make puppets, decorate boxes, cards, and so much more. I started making little doll puppets on toothpicks with matching backgrounds, and wanted each of my boxes to have something doll-ish. But then... God gave me an idea. Why not put a real doll in my shoeboxes (by this time, I had put a Dollar Tree 'rag/cloth doll' in most of mine)? Mini American Girl and Madame Alexander dolls would fit, and so would baby dolls and other small dolls. Then, I asked myself, "Why not put a doll in 100 boxes?" I realized then that God had given me the 'big' thing I had asked for! All that night, I went through the dolls I had that were in great condition that I didn't play with anymore, adding them to the collection, knowing that some other girl would love the doll more than me. Before I knew it, I already had some people on board who went out to find dolls for the project '100 Dolls 4 100 Girls' - even before it launched! I hope that soon I'll get up the courage to speak to my church, and maybe even to a magazine that I think might be willing to publish the story, '100 Dolls 4 100 Girls' across the nation. Who knows? God does! If He wants that to happen, He'll open the doors wide open and make people open to the project. If He doesn't want it to happen, His ways are greater- WAAAAAY greater! I'm trusting. I think that I might actually be getting more out of this than the 100 girls who will receive the boxes with these dolls in them- faith. I'm looking forward to what God has in store for 100 Dolls 4 100 Girls, and for me too!

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